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  • The Fault in our Stars - Juin 2017

    Hi guys !
    Have you ever watched the Fault in our Stars ? Ottalia is a fan !
    In this show, our reporters have decided to see how well she knows the film in order to give her the possibility to meet her idol... Shailene Woodley !
    Let’s listen and check if YOU would have won the date with the beautiful actress...

  • International Women’s Day - Juin 2017

    Hello everyone,
    Today you can listen to Jane and Sarah discussing about women, feminism and the evolution of women in our society...
    And you ? What do you think about gender role ?

  • Clichés, clichés... - Mai 2017

    Hi guys !
    Do some of you believe that our tastes in music reflect our identity and appearance ? In other words, do you sometimes think that there is a specific style of listeners for each style of music ?
    So you really have to listen to what Amélie and Yéla have to say today. We do hope you’ll change your mind...

  • American Food and Laws - Mai 2017

    Hi everyone,
    This month, your favourite reporters have decided to talk about some strangeness concerning the USA.
    You want to know more, don’t you ? Well, let’s listen to Clélia, Fleur, Lucile and Marion !

  • Star Wars... for beginners ! - Mai 2017

    Hello everyone,
    We all have already heard about the worlwide pop culture phenomenon Star Wars but for the ones who have never watched any films of the saga, Charlotte, Clément and Yvan will give some facts you need to know before watching. So let’s listen to them !

  • Music - A short tribute to Bob Marley - Avril 2017

    Hi everyone,
    Would you like to learn (or just remember) some facts about Bob Marley ? You’ll enjoy listening to Blanche, Lucie and Maxence and especially their top three songs. Let’s see if you agree with their choices...
    By the way, can you recognize the background music ?
    ...played by one of the best musicians of our school.. Thanks Maxence ;)

  • Presentation of the CES - Mars 2017

    Hi everyone,
    In January, it was the 50th anniversary of the well-known exhibition of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which always attracts thousands of people.
    The event typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry.
    Let’s see which incredible inventions Casimir, Matthieu and Anthony will present you in their show...

  • Models with differences - Mars 2017

    Hello folks !
    This week, Andreea, Nouhaila and Sarah wanted to talk about three models who made it despite their physical differences.
    They’ll talk about Alex Minsky, Andreja Pejik and Winnie Harlow.
    Do you want to know more about these uncommon models ? So let’s listen to your favourite reporters !

  • Débats citoyens en anglais - Mars 2017

    Des débats citoyens en langues vivantes sont organisés chaque année par l’académie de Rouen avec deux grandes nouveautés pour cette session 2017 : l’idée de "concours" a été abandonnée et les jurys étaient constitués de professeurs, d’assistants mais aussi d’élèves.
    En anglais, quatre élèves de première du lycée ont participé aux débats. Marion Duboc, Emma Dupont, Morgane Goncalves et Fleur Jouet ont débattu sur des sujets tels que "Sport brings people together", "Social media makes the world a better place" ou (...)

  • Nerve - Février 2017

    Hello dear listeners !
    Here is another film review, this time on Nerve with two opposite opinions about the movie. Let’s listen to Ottalia, Sarah, Fatima and Inès...

  • Divergent - Février 2017

    Hi everybody,
    Let’s talk movies ! Marion, Emma, Timothé and Melyssa have decided to talk about Divergent. We hope you will like their review...

  • George Michael - Février 2017

    One of the subjects chosen by our presenters this month is George Michael and especially why they love him so much.
    Enjoy your listening !

  • SKAM, a Norwegian series - Février 2017

    Hi everyone !
    Maybe you’ve already heard about the Norwegian series SKAM which depicts the lives of teenagers who all attend the same high school in Oslo.
    In today show, Amélie and Yéla will tell us more about the series and their favourite characters.
    Let’s listen to them and see why the series is worth watching...

  • Dystopias - Février 2017

    Hello everyone !
    Have you ever heard about dystopias ?
    Clélia, Fleur, Lucile and Marion will give you some basic information you need to know about the genre.
    So, let’s listen to them !

  • The News - Janvier 2015

    Today, our reporters wanted to talk very briefly about the sad event which happened on Wednesday morning at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

  • A film review - Décembre 2014

    Have you already seen the science fiction film Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan ? Today you can listen to a review by your favourite reporters...

  • Some information about Thanksgiving and Christmas - Novembre 2014

    Hello everybody,
    Do you want to know more about Thanksgiving which was celebrated on Thursday, November 27th this year ? So let’s listen to Maya, Mathilde, Justine and Elena...

  • A few facts about schools in the US ! - Novembre 2014

    This week, some of our students who went to North America last month will share with you a few facts they discovered about the American culture. (school system, food, P.E lessons...)
    Let’s listen to Adèle, Axelle, Bérénice and Maxime...

  • We’re back ! - Novembre 2014

    A new team of reporters, talking about a variety of subjects...

  • March 2011 - Mars 2011

    Here you can find the new recordings of the month. Enyoy listening to your favourite reporters...

  • January 2011 - Janvier 2011

    Hello again and Happy New Year to all of you !!
    Here you can listen to the last recordings from your favourite reporters...

  • December 2010 - Décembre 2010

     :(( Because of the snow, some reporters were absent on the day of the recordings, so we couldn’t record all our broadcasts this month. But you can still listen to some of them... Merry Christmas and see you next month !

  • November 2010 - Novembre 2010

    Would you like to listen to some news concerning music, cinema, reading, cooking, society and sport ?
    Well you’ll just LOVE Euro’Prod.
    Euro’Prod is an independent radio made up of nine groups of reporters.
    Each group is composed of two to four reporters who are going to prepare one broadcast each month on a special topic.
    Let’s listen to them ...